An 8 Limbs Private Session is a personalized yoga lesson between teacher and student(s). 8 Limbs Yoga Centers is excited to offer one-on-one or small group private sessions with our most experienced teachers as a way to highlight and return to the roots of how yoga practices were originally designed to be shared, from teacher to student. Fun fact: drop-in group asana classes are a relatively new development in yoga!

In each session, you and your teacher will clarify an intention and collaborate to serve this intention.

This focused hour is tailored to you and can include:

  • Guided Practice: Your teacher will lead you through a personalized session where your personal needs guide the sequencing and practices. Enjoy your teacher’s undivided attention, who will offer variations, feedback, and recommendations as needed and agreed upon.
  • Development of a Home Practice: Make the most of your teacher’s experience and wisdom to design practices that serve you as an individual and can be incorporated into your routine. This could be a one-time or regular session (weekly or monthly). The longer you work with one teacher the more able they will be to tune the practice to your needs. Regular sessions can help with accountability – i.e., someone will ask you “how is your daily practice?”
  • Inquiry: Take this opportunity to ask your teacher anything you want about the eight-limbed path of yoga and be engaged in an active learning process with one of our senior mentors.

Whether you want to reduce stress, move with more ease, work on a specific pose, or just have the close observation of a skilled and experienced teacher, private lessons are an excellent way to deepen and personalize your practice.

At this time, we ask that privates be booked at least one week in advance. Please email with the teacher(s) you would like to work with and your availability, or for small group rates and availability.


60 Minute Private Sessions

  • Zoom
    • 1 person: $100
  •  In-Person (in a park, socially distanced, or in-studio when available)
    • 1 person: $120, 4 sessions for $410 


Cancellation Policy:

We understand things change! With our limited staff at 8 Limbs during shelter-in-place, at this time our cancellation policy is:

  • Cancel up to 48 hours before session: reschedule your session at no charge
  • Within 48 hours of session*: 50% credit to your 8 Limbs Yoga Centers account
  • No refunds
  • Notice of cancellation must be received by email at with CANCELLATION in the subject field

*If your cancellation is due to a medical emergency, please email with a note from your doctor to receive full credit for your cancelled session.

If our teacher has to cancel, we will reach out and ask if you would like a replacement teacher, an alternate time with the teacher of your choice, or a full credit for your session payment.



How many privates should I take? Some will choose to take just one private to get input or a practice, others will appreciate a weekly session with one teacher to develop a relationship that offers the insight that can only come with time.

What if I want to do a combination of the types of privates you offer? You may choose to access more than one of these options over time, you and your teacher can focus on what you want to accomplish in your session

Can I record my session? Yes! We can record your Zoom session. You are welcome to record in-person sessions for future personal use.