There is a word that connects all of you who read this blog. One might say YOGA, but that actual PRACTICE of yoga is what I am thinking of. PRACTICE is what keeps us involved in yoga, in this community.

I started 8 Limbs on October 13, 1996 (Happy Birthday 8 Limbs!)  because I loved the PRACTICE of yoga, how its many offerings and styles and schools of thought could meet and serve each individual. I wanted to extend its reach and help people see how yoga could benefit them, not only their body and health but also their heart, soul, and mind.

Sixteen years later yoga HAS extended, expanded and, some would say, exploded! Millions of people in America have a yoga practice. New studios continue to open on every street corner. There is a hunger for yoga that may start with the physical practice but often leads to an interest in the other aspect, or limbs, of yoga.

8 Limbs has been around for 16 years because we address, as our name says, all of the limbs, or aspects, of yoga. We want you to have healthy bodies, but we also want you to have the tools to fight depression and anxiety, insomnia and self-doubt. We want you to understand why the breath affects the mind, why your habits are connected to your senses, your heart to your dharma.

That’s what practice can reveal. And it’s a subject we want to draw you into for discussion. I invite you to join several 8 Limbs teachers and me for the first Many Paths Discussion, an 8 Limbs Teacher Panel Series on Monday, October 22 at 7:15pm, with the topic of PRACTICE. I will moderate this discussion with 8 Limbs Instructors Jonna Bracken Duvernoy, Karen Gamble, and Tracy Hodgeman, and YOU, the 8 Limbs practitioners. This series comes from a desire to see more discussions about yoga and to offer something back to our community. Come early (6:30pm) for tea and refreshments in the Boutique.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Owner & Education Director


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