2016-02-18 07.03.49Last month I wrote about commitment to and purpose for practice; I talked about committing to practice because it helps me with my anxiety, and about my upcoming trip to India. I was curious about what the trip would teach me about this practice, and I am grateful to report the answer: a lot.

It’s all going to take a lifetime to unpack, but most importantly, I learned––really grasped––that I am luminous at the core of my being. Luminous. Light-filled. We all are. But we all forget, and practice helps us remember. So I’ve shifted my purpose in practice: I do my thing on my mat and on my cushion to remember I am whole and complete, lit from within. When that experience is fully seated there’s no room for anxiety, at least in my limited experience. Simple shift. Enormous repercussions.

I heard similar sentiments echoed around the closing circle for the 28 Day Commitment last night. People shared that they had a new relationship to practice, they had become kinder to themselves, more appreciative. After committing to daily practice in community they felt supported by and real affection for the people around them on the mat. Their practices were forever changed.

That’s the shizzle, people.

What would it be like to live moment to moment with the awareness that you are luminous at your core? What would it be like to feel like a bright light, fueled from within? Is that a reason to practice?

It is for me.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Founder

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