Thank you all for your continued support and presence at 8 Limbs Yoga!

You may have noticed that you have been prompted to sign a new waiver with us in order to register for classes. We have updated our liability waiver and need all active students to complete it in the next week. Please click here to complete!

Want to know why we’re making this change? With sale of 8 Limbs to a new owner and the move to online classes, 8 Limbs needs to update all student records with a waiver that covers this new “studio” and ownership.

NOTE: as you interact with our website, you will be prompted to “Accept” the new waiver, however this waiver will not be valid unless it is signed via the link: https://8limbsyoga.brandbot.io/waivers/new-student-jFBehk.htmlWe’ll say that again: Accepting the waiver via the website or via the app WILL NOT COUNT as a waiver – only following the link we provide will be sufficient.

If you are receiving the prompt but believe you’ve filled out our new waiver please email livestream@8limbsyoga.com and we’ll resolve it!

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Posted by: 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

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