Shari Friedrichsen returns to 8 Limbs to share her timeless wisdom and depth of practice. Shari is a senior faculty member at The Himalayan Institute, original publisher of Yoga International, and is a student of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. She has over 40 videos, e-courses and free courses on and is an internationally recognized teacher, with 39 years teaching experience. Join us to dive deep into the subtle body through experiential exploration with The Chakras: Beauty Unbound.


The Chakras: Beauty Unbound

Nov 8, 2020  10am-1pm Pacific Time

The energy that supports you, that empowers your passion, that informs your truth, and that gives you your voice in the world comes from deep within in streams that converge in vortexes we call chakras. These nadis (waves, rivers) are the subtle underlying scaffolding that your body forms around. When the flow is healthy and strong, your life reflects this graceful foundation. And where these streams converge at points throughout the body, there is an opportunity for increased awareness of and access to your most sacred self.

Unfortunately, these rivers often become dammed, polluted or dissipated, due to different circumstances, attitudes, and habits that we have adopted towards ourselves and perhaps even life itself. With compassionate awareness we can begin to clear and strengthen ourselves so that these internal rivers  and vortexes can give us more support, a greater understanding our of internal and external life, and increase our ability to be compassionate, kind, resilient and courageous.

We will use asana, pranayama, meditation and a yogic understanding of life to help us access these chakras within, loosen the grip of negativity, and allow our inherent beauty to reveal itself.

Cost: $75

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Stay tuned for more dates in 2021 as we hope to bring Shari to 8 Limbs Livestream more regularly during this time of physical distancing. 

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