Yoga Scholar Track

If your joy for yoga comes through studying the Indian roots of yoga, along with the ancient classical text, history and philosophy, then our Yoga Scholar track was built for you.

Our curriculum brings to life the rich history of yoga and its practical application for these modern times. On this track, explore how the ancient sounds of the Sanskrit language, when chanted, open the individual to higher levels of awareness and connection to the Self.

In addition to studying or chanting the classical text such as Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the focus of this curriculum helps each student move toward a greater understanding of themselves, so we can then collectively evolve toward a more open-hearted and just society for all. This potent combination of study will aid serious practitioners in search of the “next step” in their evolution, leading you toward your own self-liberation.

With inclusivity and a trauma-informed approach at the heart of all of our programs, students enrolled in this track will also experience communication courses to increase self-awareness and practice leading and speaking from our own center to empower ourselves and others with skillful facilitation, clear and compassionate communication, and welcoming spaces of radical belonging.

Required Modules (chose 180 hours from list below)


Recommended / Supplementary Modules

  • Art of Teaching and Sequencing (10)
  • Business of Yoga (10)
  • Changes and Transitions (10)
  • Kosha Model of Health (10)
  • Pranayama Immersion (10)
  • Restoratives (20)