Study at your own pace!

Join Cheryl Fenner Brown to learn:

  • The brain science behind how Yoga Nidra promotes healing at the deepest levels.
  • The art of writing your own customized Yoga Nidra meditations.

10 hours of Online Training

Yoga Nidra is a style of guided meditation that leads practitioners through a first-person experience of their body, breath, emotions, and imagination in a completely non-judgmental and compassionate way. Anyone can learn to write and teach from their own Yoga Nidra meditations with this 10-hour online Yoga Nidra Training chock full of video lectures, audio practices, written homework exercises and 7 hours of bonus content that will stoke your creative writing fires. By the end of the course, you will have written your very own Yoga Nidra meditation and have the tools and understanding to write more scripts.

Cost: $275 ($200 for 300-hour TT)


300 Hour Specialized Teacher Training

This module may be taken for credit towards the 8 Limbs 300-hour Specialized Teacher Training Program, where you can start when you’re ready, and end at your own pace. Learn more here.

Teacher Training Enrollee Registration

If you are enrolled in our 300 hour Teacher Training and would like to register please email This module counts for the following Yoga Alliance hours:

TTP = 3
TM = 2
Anatomy & Physiology = 2
PLE = 2
P = 1

Total: 10