Great inequity and oppression exist in our country. When we are/become aware of this injustice, it can be many things: energizing, painful, activating, disorienting. Yoga can be a place to be present with this understanding, to be engaged with our bodies and hearts and with each other while processing an unveiled reality. We can be both awake and self-nurturing. We can be both peaceful and engaged.

This class will offer a place to marry your desire for justice with your yoga practice. We will move and breath with a discussion of yogic precepts that support the inner unveiling that social justice work requires. Come nourish and strengthen your body and mind to support your commitment to inner and outer peace.

All levels of yoga practice are welcome. Please bring your own mat if you have one, we will have a limited number to loan out. We will provide all other props.

All are welcome in this class, but please note that 8 Limbs Capitol Hill is on the second floor with stairwell access.

Mary Imani, a Seattle native, has been teaching yoga for 27 years, seven of them at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill––including her annual MLK Day “I Have a Dream” and July 4th “Free Your Mind and Your Asana Will Follow” classes. Mary has several degrees in the school of life. She currently teaches yoga and empowerment at Lake Washington Girls School as well as Aging with Grace Yoga for Seniors. Mary also teaches privates integrating Pilates and Yoga. Her classes are known for their humor, warmth, and deep love for the preciousness of all beings. In this special class, Mary will hold space for human being-ness, in community.

CAPITOL HILLwith Mary Imani

Saturday, April  8, 2016, 1:00 – 3:00PM

Cost:  Free. No registration required. Connect with others on the Facebook Event