Wellness Advisor Track

The Wellness Advisor track is designed to help you thrive as a health specialist. This path draws inspiration from evidence based research, experience from experts in their respective fields, as well as from western health-science and eastern philosophies including Ayurveda.

On this track, learn how to support yourself and others through the stages of life (childhood, householder, retirement), design daily and seasonal routines inspired by Ayurveda, discover the power of mindfulness and stress reduction to shift your nervous system, and learn how to grow your business working with individuals, groups and/or communities. You have the opportunity to study with a wide variety of topics to explore where you belong in this ever expanding field.

With inclusivity and a trauma-informed approach at the heart of all of our programs, students enrolled in this track will also experience communication courses to increase self-awareness and practice leading and speaking from our own center to empower ourselves and others with skillful facilitation, clear and compassionate communication, and welcoming spaces of radical belonging.

Required Modules (chose 180 hours from list below)


Recommended / Supplementary Modules