Join Senior Teacher Tracy Hodgeman and 8 Limbs Executive Director Ashley Dahl in an expanded and dynamic exploration of self-compassion through the lens of Ahimsa (the practice of non-harming in word, thought, and deed). What happens when we direct the powerful light of Ahimsa internally? What does a yogic practice of self-compassion look like? What are common roadblocks and how can we overcome them? How can a self-compassion practice enhance relationships with ourselves as well as others?

In this three-hour workshop we’ll turn to several limbs of yoga (pranayama, meditation, self-study and asana) to help kindle our superpowers for self-compassion. You will leave with effective and practical tools for crafting a kinder and more empowering life. All levels of practitioners are welcome. This All-Levels workshop will primarily consist of contemplative practices and discussion with a few brief periods of asana. Please bring a journal and writing implement.


WEST SEATTLE, with Tracy Hodgeman and Ashley Dahl

Sunday, April 2, 12:45 – 3:45 PM

Cost: $60 through 3/28; $75 after


Cancellation Policy:  Refunds of 90% up to five days prior to workshop. No refunds allowable after that time.


About the teachers:

Tracy Hodgeman

Yoga formally stole Tracy began teaching in 1995. Her roots are in Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa, and as time passes she only becomes more fascinated with the therapeutic applications of yoga, and how simple breath, movement, and mindfulness can bring about immense healing and relief. Tracy holds teaching certificates from the Ashtanga Yoga School, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, and Yoga Tune Up®, and currently teaches in the 8 Limbs Yoga Centers 200 hour Teacher Training program. Tracy has been practicing and teaching yoga nidra for many years and is very influenced by the work of Richard Miller and his iRest program. Tracy teaches with humor and compassion, creating a safe and noncompetitive environment where students are encouraged to celebrate their own particular brilliance.

Ashley Dahl, MSW

Ashley’s personal mission centers around cultivating the principles of mindfulness on and off the cushion. As 8 Limbs Executive Director, Ashley looks for ways to deepen our mission and sense of community through what we offer as well as the way we do business. Outside of studio doors she provides mindfulness-based coaching to other small businesses and creative people. Her primary mindfulness teachers include Donald Rothberg, Sharon Salzberg, Rick Hanson, and prominent self-compassion researcher Kristin Neff. Ashley earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington with a focus on developmental psychology and interpersonal practice. In addition to a regular morning meditation practice, getting out in nature year-round keeps Ashley feeling whole. Traveling, art, food, and a bit of sass are some favorite ways she connects with others.