Conscious Leader Track

What does it take to be a conscious leader?  We believe the work begins with ourselves, and weaves in both individual and systemic work. If your calling pulls you toward social justice, inclusivity, body positivity, and trauma-informed yoga, then this track is for you.

The Conscious Leader track is designed to help you apply a range of yoga, somatics, and mindfulness practices, social justice, and trauma-informed concepts to your everyday practice and into the world. Our curriculum explores what it might look like to facilitate, hold space, and lead in a way that can truly create and foster yoga (and other!) spaces of inclusion, justice, and radical belonging.

The curriculum includes conversations in social justice, trauma-informed work, accessibility, and ethics for teachers to understand the value of boundaries, policy and personal practice. Graduate with a broad range of self-care tools to stay embodied, grounded, and focused in your work, as well as have the essential tools to inspire, nurture, and support change in the world.

With inclusivity and a trauma-informed approach at the heart of all of our programs, students enrolled in this track will also experience communication courses to increase self-awareness and practice leading and speaking from our own center to empower ourselves and others with skillful facilitation, clear and compassionate communication, and welcoming spaces of radical belonging.

Required Modules (chose 180 hours from list below)


Recommended / Supplementary Modules

  • Restorative Immersion (20)
  • Changes and Transitions (life stages) (10)