Unlocking the Wisdom of the Subtle Body

6-Week Series with Megan Sloan


Mondays, 7:00-8:15pm (Pacific), November 16-December 21

This six-week series will take you beyond the rudimentary teachings of the chakra system, touching into more involved practices and thoughtful journeying through the subtle body. Through asana, meditation and breath practice each class will look at a holistic picture of the subtle body not only exploring the chakra system but its relationship to unwinding the physical body, soothing the nervous system, and calming the mind.

Weeks 1 and 2: Exploring the 1st-3rd Chakras

Our lower chakras are grounded much more solidly in the physical body and in the physical realm. We’ll delve into the lower chakras and unwind the physical body, exploring grounding and calming energy in the body and mind.

Weeks 3 and 4: Exploring the 4th Chakra

The heart chakra is our bridge between the lower and upper chakras and a key energetic point in the body for so many reasons. These classes will focus specifically on deep heart work, attuning us to the needs of the heart and creating space for reflection and healing of the heart.

Week 5: Exploring the 5th-7th Chakras

As we open into the three chakras above the heart, we open to the more subtle realms of communication, intuition and wisdom. This class will focus on opening our intuitive potential to help us manifest thoughts and ideas and find our true voice.

Week 6: Exploring the Whole System

Our series ends with a full chakra yoga practice that will take us on a journey from 7th to 1st, grounding and instilling the energies of each of the chakras in our bodies.

Series will include:

  • Suggested playlists for each practice
  • For students who want to explore further at home, handouts detailing more specific aspects of each chakra and asana and pranayama that can be used to help work with specific chakras

LIVESTREAM with Megan Sloan.

Mondays, 7:00-8:15pm

November 16-December 21


Cost: $150

Class recordings will be available for one week after each class for those who miss a session. 

To inquire about an income-relevant partial discount, please email access8@8limbsyoga.com with “Chakra Series” in the subject field.