Asana Specialist Track

The Asana Specialist track is designed for teachers who wish to place asana at the center of their advanced studies. We’ll take you beyond the foundations of a 200 hour program to study yoga’s history, deepen your understanding of advanced, therapeutic and style-specific asana and pranayama, and expand your toolbox for sequencing inclusive and welcoming yoga classes.

On this track, learn new techniques in teaching, demonstration, and observation, as well as methods of assisting and supporting students in person or online.

With inclusivity and a trauma-informed approach at the heart of all of our programs, students enrolled in this track will also experience communication courses to increase self-awareness and practice leading and speaking from their center to empower themselves and others with skillful facilitation, clear and compassionate communication, and welcoming spaces of radical belonging.

Required Modules (chose 180 hours from list below)


Recommended / Supplementary Modules