A community conversation on yoga & cultivating equanimity in turbulent times

8 Limbs Livestream

Friday, November 6th, 7:15-8:45pm PT

There’s a lot going on in our world right now, to say the least. Amidst fraught politics, climate change, growing movements against injustices, and challenges posed by a global pandemic, there are many forces that can leave us feeling divided and depleted, or energized and engaged. How can meet our chaotic world from a place of grounding; of centeredness?

For the past 24 years at 8 Limbs, yoga has been our center. Today, our mission to provide a supportive and welcoming place to learn and grow through the mind-body practices of yoga has never felt more relevant. Join us for a free one-night only, virtual community event, “8 Limbs YOGA CENTERS” dedicated to the subject of cultivating equanimity through yoga and community as we address the many tensions in our world.

The event will include a town hall panel conversation via Zoom featuring 8 Limbs teachers Chiara Guerrieri, Karen Gamble, and Misha Kellner-Rogers, moderated by Director of Studio Operations Lauren Kite.

In this curated discussion, we will explore:

  • Practices and knowledge that can help us navigate turbulent times
  • What is actionable about yoga?
  • Who are we in relationship to these practices?

There will be time at the end of the discussion for questions from community members tuning in.

OFFERED VIA LIVESTREAM Friday, November 6 2020, 7:15-8:45pm


Event Zoom Link: https://8limbsyoga.zoom.us/j/92854913250?pwd=bWc1amtTMEo4SzA5dWZkNkRLQ3Y4UT09

Meeting Passcode: 8limbs


SUGGESTION: Want to slow down & drop into your body before the panel? Join Misha for a Livestream Yin class from 6:00-7:00pm just prior to the event.