Each February we invite 8 Limbs students, teachers, and staff to go deeper with 28 straight days of daily practice.

We cherish this annual ritual of shared dedication to regular practice in February and offer a simple theme for 2021: Re-envision. The past year has taught us to reconfigure how we move through the world, our own homes, and our yoga practice. Let’s harness that flexibility and set our sights on new ways of showing up for ourselves and others!

With a 28 Day Commitment, we make space in our lives to experience what a stronger commitment to yoga in one’s life can bring and discover how practice creates conditions for finding and honoring our own wisdom. You can also set your own commitment intention.

Doing asana all 28 days is not required, nor is practicing all 28 days at 8 Limbs. Practice can include any of the 8 limbs of yoga; you can practice at home, at the studio, on a mountaintop: it all counts. The emphasis is on the word commitment, not challenge. Which is not to say practicing for 28 days is not challenging. It is! But can you re-envision practice that fits your life this month?

How to Participate in the 28 Day Commitment 2021

  • Anyone can join – just use your active class pass or membership or take drop-ins as you normally would (click here for tuition options, including a 1 month unlimited), and supplement with at-home/personal practice. You don’t even have to take 8 Limbs classes to participate!
  • Find a way to practice every day in February!
  • Track your progress on the graph – mark any practice.
  • Print out or download the Commitment Calendar below, and track your progress with stickers at home (or emojis if you use the digital version 😍).
  • Snap a pic of your calendar as you go and share your progress with us on social media! Tag 8 Limbs @8limbsyoga and #28daycommitment and/or #8limbs28days on your Facebook or Instagram posts/stories, (or email us your pics) so we can re-share and celebrate you!

Check out the February Workshops that support your practice.

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As part of the 8 Limbs 28 Day Commitment, we commit to:

  • Being open to what all eight limbs of yoga have to offer.
  • Listening to, and in turn befriending, not just our bodies but our whole selves.
  • Recognizing the numerous formal and informal opportunities to practice. Yoga happens in studios as well as on the road, in nature, in a quiet moment…
  • Experiencing what it’s like to carve out time and space to practice for 28 consecutive days, whether we’re in the mood to practice or not.
  • Giving and receiving support within community – with those practicing all 28 days with us as well as those simply showing up on the mat next to us or in our lives.
  • Understanding that while practicing for 28 days in a row may be challenging, making a commitment to ourselves lies at the heart of this collective tradition.

Have a great February!