New Year’s Day––a day to pause and reflect; a day to remember what has passed and set intention for the future.

Twenty years ago on this date I was driving home from a road trip to Wyoming. I was twenty-five and I had just fallen in love with yoga. It was turning me inside out and rewiring my busy brain, but I had no idea I was beginning a lifelong practice. After taking classes for less than two years I’d hardly scratched the surface of yogic teachings, and I wasn’t incredibly patient.

That snowy night, between Idaho and the Cascades, my traveling partner asked me a question that altered the course of my life. The question was “If you could open a business what would it be?” and the answer, without a second thought, and out of thin air, was “a yoga studio.”

Nine month later, 8 Limbs Yoga Center opened on Capitol Hill above Brocklind’s Formalwear. It was impulsive, it was audacious, but I can’t say I regret it.

This year 8 Limbs will celebrate our twenty years by continuing to do what we do best––offer quality yoga instruction in a welcoming environment. But we are also going to keep pushing the edges of a yoga studio. With the guidance of our Executive Director, Ashley Dahl, who celebrates 10 years at 8 Limbs this month (lucky us!) and is now writing monthly Behind the Scenes Blogs, we’ll concentrate our Community Giving on the local non-profit Street Yoga, increase employee benefits for teachers and staff, and host conversations about race and money, two topics that are often left out of the yoga practice space.

We hope you’ll join us this special year, and many years to come, as we deepen our mission, and our practice.

This New Year’s Day my question to you is: “If you could do anything, what would it be?” Take some time to think big; New Year’s questions can change futures!

Lastly, I want to express my deep gratitude to the Teachers and Staff at 8 Limbs, and acknowledge those who have hit 5, 10, and 15-year Anniversaries:

5+Years at 8 Limbs
Alex Baker
Maura Barclay
Joanna Bond
Kate Bradfield
Sally Carley
MJ Daniels
Jonna Duvernoy
Andreas Fetz
Tami Hafzalla
Jamie Hall
Tracy Hodgeman
Jay Holby
Lauren Kite
Matt Nadler
Megan Sloan
Adi Turner
Jeff Wildenstein
Terilyn Wyre
10+ Years at 8 Limbs
Kate Bradfield
Ashley Dahl
Marni Yamada
15+ Years at 8 Limbs
Chiara Guerrieri
Jenny Hayo
Barbara Johnson
Melina Meza
Douglas Ridings
Natasha Shulman
Theresa Spencer
And come October, 20 Years at 8 Limbs: Melina Meza!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Founder & Studio Director

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