Just like anyone with a strong connection to their hometown, I tend to get swept up when something is going on down home in New Orleans. The song I’ve heard all of my life could not be more true: “OOh I want to be in that number, when the Saints come marching in.” I wish I could be in New Orleans for this joyous time, but instead, I get to bring a piece of New Orleans here for my 40th birthday!
Sean Johnson is a rising kirtan (devotional singing) artist from New Orleans, LA who leads the colorful Wild Lotus Band, named after his yoga studio back in The Big Easy. Sean and band will be here at 8 Limbs on March 14 to play kirtan and accompany a live music class with Melina Meza and help me cut some birthday cake! Please plan to come.
We’ll let Sean’s words in a recent newsletter share the spirit that has spread through our hometown (we went to high school together!):

“On tour, many of you kindly ask us how New Orleans is doing. I want to share with you that it is an incredibly joyful time here! Our beloved Saints won the Super Bowl last night! I’ve been a fan since I was a child growing up here and watching them lose year after year, yet still keeping the faith. We are still pinching ourselves! It’s especially meaningful for those of us who stayed after Katrina to rebuild amidst the chaos, uncertainty, and challenges. For people who may believe that sports is frivolous and has nothing to do with spirituality, practicality, or the real recovery of a city, I’d love for you to be here in New Orleans right now and just feel the energy in the community. It’s a feeling that just can’t be put into words or explained rationally.
After the game last night, strangers of all walks of life and all colors spilled out onto the streets to embrace each other, sing, dance, laugh and cry. I went downtown to the French Quarter with my friends and brothers to celebrate and bumped into Gwendolyn (member of Wild Lotus Band) dancing with her tambourine. We paraded through the streets singing “Who Dat!” and hugging and high-fiving the many revelers. It was Bhakti, with a black and gold twist, in full effect!
The deep soulful vibe and traditions of New Orleans are as strong as ever and complimented by a new and progressive spirit. Thanks to so many of you for helping right after Katrina and then sending your love and blessings in these years of recovery. New Orleans is coming back better than ever and feeling so proud to be a part of it!”


Come share in the spirit of yoga, the deep musical tradition of New Orleans, and help me celebrate my birthday with the 8 Limbs community on Sunday, March 14. More info.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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