January – it’s the time many of us look at our habits and patterns and consider what’s working and what’s not. Some make resolutions, some do a cleanse, others resolve to have no resolutions! Over the years I have worked with many different models of discipline, and in 2017 the big change I’ll be committed to is the “strategic pruning” we’re taking on at 8 Limbs, in order to care for this amazing garden we’ve grown, with all of you, for the practice and practitioners of yoga. As someone who by nature likes to do more and say yes, I suspect I’ll have moments of panic and regret, but that’s part of changing a habit – it’s uncomfortable (which is why they are so hard to break!).
Instead of putting out more and more workshops and series for you to choose from, we want to put a highlight on the amazing drop-in classes our teachers pour heart and soul into every day of the week. Don’t worry, we’ll still offer our amazing series, like Intro to Hatha Yoga  (I & II), our Deepering offerings like Pranayama and Meditation, as well as plenty of interesting workshops from our local and Visiting Teachers like Shari Friedrichsen and Rolf Gates, but what supports our wonderful teachers most is your presence at their regular weekly classes.
To help shine that spotlight we are asking for your help! In the New Year, would you consider exploring a class or teacher that already exists at 8 Limbs that you may not have tried? We will give away one FREE MONTH of unlimited classes each month to someone who posts (on Instagram and any other social media outlets of their choice) about taking a class or from a teacher that is new to them. We’re calling it #8limbsnewclass, and details can be found here about how to enter and win. We hope that it will help build community and less-known classes, and offer a resource for all of us to use in exploring the unknown.  In February our annual 28 Day Commitment will be a great way to join others in our community in a commitment to daily practice in and outside the studio.
Want another way to give your favorite teacher(s) a sweet New Year’s gift? Write a review of their class on Google or Yelp. Sharing your words of praise helps our yoga teachers grow their livelihoods, live their passion for yoga, and teach more people like you.
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May tenderness and compassion be your constant companion this coming year. We’re all in this together.
Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Founder and Studio Director

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