8 Limbs is partnering with City Arts Magazine to profile local artists who practice yoga at 8 Limbs. For the September issue, we profile Michael Stusser, freelance writer, game inventor, and YouTube spoof hit. For more on Michael, visit his website.

What brought you to yoga?

Sciatica – which yoga cured – and a desire to get taller. Teachers all say “lengthening your spine.” For me, it’s about getting taller.

How long have you practiced yoga?

15 years, all with the wonderful Dawn Jansen. http://youtu.be/4MAn6-DhoAY

How does yoga support your art?

I’m a fairly hyper active human being with the attention span of a flea. Yoga helps tame my monkey mind. And allows me to still be able to tie my own shoes. Which is nice.

Why practice at 8 Limbs?

My first yoga class was an Intro Series at the Capitol Hill 8 Limbs. The room is fantastic  – great light, smashing views, hardwoods, and groovy plants. And the reason I continue to practice at 8 Limbs is because of the teachers and that yummy –smelling mat cleaner. Here’s an article I wrote for Yoga International about starting yoga: http://www.yogadawg.com/appendix1.htm

Favorite yoga teaching?

I like classes that combine yogic philosophy with flow, some meditation, and end with 30 minutes of savasana. That harmonium thing that Douglas plays is super cool too. But that’s just me…

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