Yes, this is a call to action, an invitation to get your butt on a bike. May is the month that the Cascade Bicycle Club challenges our region to step up our bicycle commuting, be it once a week or every day.

Just like any habit, bicycling (or walking!) is one that takes cultivation. Over the next few weeks, I challenge all of you to become more of an Undriver, to walk or bike whenever you can, and let your cars (if you have them) get a little dustier. Whether your motivation is escalating costs (hello parking on Capitol Hill!!!), pollution, physical health, or freedom from the almighty car, increasing your bicycle commuting will help.

I myself put my bike down for almost eight years. After a lifetime of bicycle commuting on two wheels, I got pregnant, moved to Madison Valley, and let my once beloved mountain bike lie dormant in our dark and moldy basement, in the shadow of a seemingly insurmountable hill. Now we are a one-car family with 4+ human-powered bikes and 2 electric bikes in our bike locker. Learn more about my bicycling story and how I overcame several obstacles in the May 2011 Blog and Undriver documentary short.

I am here to say that becoming a regular bicycle commuter has been the most impactful choice I have made in the last few years. I get to work quickly. I get exercise on my way to work (so much for the “I don’t have time excuse” I used for years). I get to wear a crazy polka dot helmet. I don’t have to pay for parking. And my yoga practice has become more focused on pranayama and meditation as I no longer use it as my primary source of exercise.

We would love to have you join Team 8 Limbs, 2 Wheels in the Group Health Commute Challenge. To join please email me, the Team Captain, at annephyfe@8limbsyoga.com and I’ll invite you to the team (the only way to join). Or start your own team at work!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer
P.S. Don’t forget today is GiveBIG, The Seattle Foundation’s day to stretch your donations to local non-profits like Yoga Behind Bars, Street Yoga, and hundreds more.

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