I’ve decided to take some time off teaching to focus on my family and practice. When I came to 8 Limbs at the opening of the West Seattle location in 2005, I was based in a strong, dedicated practice of Ashtanga. It was the only yoga I had been doing for 10 years and I benefited so much from this practice.

I stepped into the room to teach what I knew and what turned out 4 years later is that I am not the teacher, but the people and fellow teachers who have walked into my classes have been teaching me. My eyes were opened to all different types of practitioners, various styles of yoga and many levels of the practice. The kindness that generates from everyone’s hearts and minds has been so amazing to see and witness. I am truly honored and am leaving with knowing so much more about yoga not from a physical practice, but from an internal practice.

My last morning class is August 27, Thursday, at 6:30am. To celebrate the present moment and what lies ahead for all of us in the future, this will be a benefit yoga class. Chaz Hastings, tabla player, and Brandon McIntosh, sarodist player, will accompany me in a live performance to the last class. I am donating my pay to the cause of helping dogs on chains with the amazing group, Dogs Deserve Better. This group works tirelessly to free dogs off chains and locked in pens and they work very closely with the state and county legislators to pass better laws for the treatment of man’s best friends.

I am honored to have passed on what I know of this lovely practice and I am so truly blessed to have been given the gift of being a student through all of you these last years.

Please join us Thursday, August 27, 6:30am, West Seattle 8 Limbs.

Vande Gurunam caranaravinde.
I bow to the lotus feet of the Gurus.

Posted by: Kelly Page

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