Hello Everyone,

I am celebrating my 14.5 years of being Type 1 Diabetic by running the ING New York Marathon this November!  This will be my second marathon and I am training to run under 4 hours. I’ve chosen to raise money on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

I was in the middle of my ski-racing season when I was diagnosed in January of 1996.  I had tremendous support from my family, friends, and teammates, which helped me return to training and racing two weeks after being fully immersed in what would be part of my routine for the foreseeable future. I qualified for Junior Olympics a month later and have continued to challenge myself athletically and intellectually since. Personally, I have felt that diabetes has enhanced my life and has provided a unique perspective on health and how the body performs, it has never held me back from accomplishing anything I desire. I am positively optimistic that a cure for diabetes is possible. Tthere have been incredible improvements and innovations to the way diabetes is managed on the individual level, which has been made possible from the fiscal support given to JDRF and the creative and brilliant minds of people in the scientific and medical fields.  For instance, I will be utilizing a new piece of technology when training and running the ING New York City Marathon this November, it is an insulin pump with a sensor that consistently reads the blood glucose levels and communicates it to the pump.  Absolutely incredible!

I first explored my commitment to a yoga practice while living in Venice, CA in 2002.  What I discovered through yoga was an opportunity to delve deeper into understanding myself and to become more in-tune with the needs of my overall system, which enabled me to be even more capable in supporting others. I appreciate and honor the inner-balance, grounding, and joy I experience through my yoga practice both on my mat and how it extends into the rest of my life.

In support of generating wellness for others, 8 Limbs is hosting a benefit class for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on Friday, October 8th at the Phinney Ridge studio. The class will be led by Megan Costello as an All Levels Flow from 6:15pm – 7:30pm; followed by a modest raffle and refreshments provided by Picnic. The class is by donation (sliding scale, suggested drop-in rate of $16) and all proceeds will go directly to JDRF.

Please join me in supporting JDRF and the possibility of a cure to diabetes!

With gratitude,
July Rogan

Neighborhood Studios