2013-07-19 20.27.15This summer, as we’ve all experienced, has been epic. It started early, it’s delivered consistent sunshine and warmth, and it’s only August 1st. Wow!

Questions I have been asking myself are “just how good can it get?” and “how much awesomeness can I take?” After living in Seattle for twenty years now (since August 1993!), I have learned to minimize expectations for certain things. I can make do with just two months of sunshine. I have pulled back my extroverted personality and become more of a hybrid. I only occasionally start up a conversation with a stranger, and don’t say hi to everyone I pass when jogging in the Arboretum.

Some of this change has been beneficial. I now understand and honor introversion and spend more time alone. I may not get as many wrinkles or skin damage. But I also became more restrained. For a few years in my early parenting, I don’t think I had much fun at all. I may have even been judgmental (jealous, maybe?) of others “on a high” or full of exuberance.

But slowly but surely, the tides have turned. I (and many yogis) have switched from a more ascetic understanding of yoga to a Tantric (expansive) perspective. Through this I have come back to the childlike understanding that life is beauty and bliss, and every being deserves to tap into this river of sweetness. I have become less wary of hugs, and smiles, and conversations with strangers. I see energy as a resource I can cultivate and learn to use wisely through practice.

This summer has been a benign explosion, and I have decided to ride with it, to take it in, like a squirrel stores up nuts for winter. Now if we could just get a little rain while we sleep…

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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