Happy Saturday everyone! It’s going to be a gorgeous day.

First of all, we like to give those who participated in the 28 Day Commitment a big CONGRATULATIONS! You did it! You did your best to show up on your mat or cushion for 28 days straight. You stretched your idea of what practice is, you investigated why you do practice, and why you don’t practice, and hopefully, now that March is well underway, you’ve continued.

We hope that you took plenty of time and space to really appreciate your efforts to dedicate to this amazing system of yoga. That is part of what will keep your daily commitment going, sitting and literally steeping in positive connections. If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late! Do it now! Those of you who completed all 28 days in an 8 Limbs class (of any kind), pick up our gift of a free 8 Limbs water bottle at your neighborhood 8 Limbs, while supplies last.

If you’d like to tell your 28 Day Commitment story, we’d love to share it with the community on the 8 Limbs Blog! Send me 100-500 words, and an image of your own that speaks to daily practice. Tell us what the 28 Day Commitment was like for you, maybe what you learned or changed, and we’ll select a few to publish. And if you ever want to start over and use our daily tips, click here.

And now, to speak to the letter the 8 Limbs Social Justice Team wrote and emailed to you on March 1, and how it relates to practice and these spaces we hold at 8 Limbs.

The main way 8 Limbs has always chosen to hold space is in our studios. We hold space for yoga as a mind-body practice, which means we hold space for people, and their bodies, and their minds, and their personalities (yup). That is not going to change. What changed a few years ago – when we committed to this work – and will continue to change, is how we hold that space. We are learning to be more mindful, less unconscious, and fiercely compassionate. The statement we wrote is really just a continuation of our efforts to make our spaces, both for our employees and 8 Limbs students, more universally supportive and less harmful. If you want to be apprised of all that we say and do around social justice, you can join the Inclusion & Social Justice Email List.

This work comes from, and is an act of, love.  Sometimes love stretches us into raw places, and sometimes love feels like a balm. Know that we welcome you however you’ve experienced our letter. YOGA welcomes you, all of you, and all of you, we’re just the container.

We’ll continue this conversation – there is so much to say – but for now, it’s time to enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Founder & Studio Director

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