During a late-night talk with Melina during the Breitenbush Advanced Training Retreat, a question came up that always takes me by surprise: “What are you doing for fun?” I mean, I feel very satisfied with my life, enjoy what I do for work, have a great time with my husband and kids, and keep in touch with close friends, but when asked “what do you do for fun?” I always come up short.
I returned from our retreat curious about how I could make a change in the fun factor. The next day I read a parenting calendar that mentioned a family roller skating session and we headed to Skate King to boogie to The Village People and Journey with our 8 and 3-year-old. Ever since, when the opportunities have come up, I have said YES.
This month we have a few FUN opportunities to invite you to. 8 Limbs is a sponsor of the Seattle screening of Enlighten Up!, A Skeptic’s Journey into the World of Yoga on May 14th at the Varsity Theater. This film promises to be a humorous AND serious. Listen to KWJZ Radio, KKNW Radio or e-mail JWMovieClub@gmail.com with ‘enlightenup’ in the subject to find out how to get your complimentary pass to the screening. We are also thrilled to welcome Sean Johnson to 8 Limbs on May 30th to teach a Bhakti Flow Yoga Class and lead Kirtan (devotional singing). I am looking forward to this event to bring our community together for some FUN! Come for any part of this event and help me welcome Sean to the wonderful 8 Limbs community.
What do you do for fun? Write a comment so we can all increase our fun factor!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe

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