Summer Retreat at Harmony Hill

We all come to yoga for different reasons. Some of us seek to rejuvenate our bodies and de-stress, some to quiet our minds and gain perspective, others to restore our spiritual connection and sense of compassion. When I first began practicing yoga I needed all of these things without even knowing I could attain them through the practice, but at the end of a really, really, really good class, they would all be there – patiently waiting for me.

Not only did this ignite a burning yoga addiction, it left me wondering … Why did some classes leave me feeling centered, balanced and calm and others much less so? Which poses lifted me up when I was barely dragging myself around? Which ones pulled me back to the ground when I had taken off like a rocket ship in my mind? How could I alter my approach to a posture, breathing technique or meditation to bring myself back to a state of harmony? And what were the underlying principals that would allow me to apply this practice to all areas of my life, rather then just what I do in the studio and on my mat?

If you are at all curious about what I’ve discovered and how you can tailor your yoga practice and daily activities to live a life in balance, I invite you to join me the first weekend in June for a local retreat on the Hood Canal. We’ll explore the synergy between Yoga and Ayurveda to uncover and sustain our whole self!

For more information, or to register, please visit the Retreats page of our website.

Posted by: Jennifer Yaros

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