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Today is Valentine’s Day, a holiday often associated with special notes attached to packets of heart-shaped candies for children, romantic dates for grown-ups and if you’re a particular Communications Manager at 8 Limbs (aka Sam Fisher), telegrams sung by dancing elves. And these can be lovely and fun traditions – we won’t be knocking Valentine’s Day here (and we certainly won’t stop Sam and her Sugarplum Elf posse from singing to us!)  But what we will do, as Committed 28 dayers, is invite you to explore the underlying spirit of these traditions and this holiday, into something possibly more universal and possibly even more personal.

Our hearts, as Angeles explains, are “the central place where we learn about love, and it is in our hearts that we discover what is truly meaningful.”  That is, love begins with looking inside.  And it’s personal.In her book Living in Gratitude: A Journey That Will Change Your Life, Angeles Arrien, writes, “February is the month when we consciously review what touches our hearts.”  Consciously is the word we’d like to call attention to here.  Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, what would it be like to on this day to consciously stop, pause, and notice what warms your heart?  What lights you up?

Angeles goes on to write, “The month of February offers daily opportunities to both say aloud what is in our hearts and communication our love through our actions…” And so we ask you, what touches your hearts?  What, through your practice, are you discovering as truly meaningful to you? And then just as importantly, how have you (or will you) share that?  We already know at least one way that Sam is.

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