As you head out of your regular routine into a Holiday Weekend, consider how you can personally connect to Independence Day. One can focus on July 4th as the date of our Declaration of Independence from England, or we can remember that the underlying idea is that of FREEDOM.
The word in Sanskrit for freedom or liberation is moksha. One who experiences freedom while in the body (still living) is a jivanmukti. In other words, freedom is possible in this body, in this life.
The paradox is that the freedom comes from commitment. We have learned recently that we can’t take our freedoms for granted here in America; we have to stay vigilant and fight for the rights that our country was founded upon and push to continue to expand these freedoms.
In yoga freedom comes from a commitment to practice. Even on these beautiful days, a few minutes of downward dog and some meditation can contribute to our sense of freedom when the clouds come and we aren’t getting high from the sunlight. Take your mat to the park, enjoy the calm of our studios, or wake up and sit up in bed for a few minutes.
Tell us what freedom the practice has brought to your life. And have a great “Freedom Day”

Posted by: Anne Phyfe

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