Please come to class on time (at least 5 minutes before the starting time) with an empty stomach* and an open mind.

At this time, registration for classes before attending is required. Either choose a class from the Class Schedule, use the MindBody app, or use this link to create an account.

Please bring your own yoga mat if possible, we have a limited number of loaner mats. We provide all other props.

Shoes will be left outside of the studio space. All students must wear a shirt/top to class.

Turn off/silence all cell phones and Smart watches and refrain from cell phone/Smart watch use in yoga studios.

Refrain from perfumes and scented oils as many people are allergic.

*Prenatal students should eat something light approximately one hour before class.


8 Limbs has Shared Learning Agreements to guide us in holding space. They can be found  here and at the bottom of this page.



What should I bring?

To each yoga class, bring with you a yoga mat, an open mind, and a water bottle. We have filtered water available but do not offer cups in an effort to reduce waste.

Loaner mats are available, but we encourage personal mat usage as this is the most hygienic practice. All other yoga props needed for class are provided free of charge. Yoga mats and other props and clothing are available for sale at all three 8 Limbs Yoga Centers.

What should I wear?

We prefer that students wear fitted clothing that enables your knee joints to be visible, and require that all students wear a top or shirt to class to support the learning environment in our studios. We specifically recommend: footless tights and a t-shirt, footless tights and an athletic top, or shorts and a t-shirt. Many students wear an outer layer like a long-sleeve t-shirt and socks for the first and last few minutes of class to keep warm and comfortable. Come prepared to practice with bare feet. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothing!

Is there a place to change my clothes? Can I store my stuff?

Changing rooms and storage shelving are available in each studio. There are no lockable units available, but you may keep your valuables in the same room with you.

What is an 8 Limbs class like?

There is no typical 8 Limbs class, but every class will challenge and inspire you. While every teacher has her or his own method, classes begin with the recitation of OM, warm-up stretches and an awareness of the breath (pranayama). Teachers lead the class through a series of postures (asanas), according to the class level. Asanas are usually presented with more- and less-challenging options so that everyone can be comfortable. Some classes use props like straps and cork blocks to help establish an asana. Class ends with several minutes of savasana, also called “corpse pose,” and the recitation of OM. Everyone leaves 8 Limbs classes feeling more alive, present, and healthy than when they came in.

What’s the best way to start yoga?

We recommend an Intro Series for students who have never done yoga. An Intro Series will provide a solid foundation for the breath exercises and the asanas and prepare you for Level I classes. Check out our class schedule to find out how to register. If you are returning to yoga, or interested in honing your yoga basics, Level I is the place for you. Go to our “New to 8 Limbs” page for more info.

What’s the difference between all the Level I teachers? Are some teachers better with beginners?

All of 8 Limbs Level I classes are great for people in the first several months of their practice, or those who are returning to yoga after some time. We choose experienced teachers to teach these classes, as teaching Level I requires more knowledge and expertise than a Level II Flow class! While all of our teachers are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help, please review our Teachers page for more information about their styles and philosophies. Try all their classes to experience the richness for yourself!

What is OM?

OM is the “sacred syllable” of Sanskrit, the ancient language of Northern India, home to the practice of yoga. It represents the four states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and pure consciousness. We often chant OM at the beginning and/or end of class.

I’m recovering from an injury. Will yoga help?

Yoga is a restorative practice and can often help the body to recover. Be sure to tell your teacher at the start of class about your injury and she/he can be sure that you get the most benefit for your recovery. An injury can be a great learning experience. Make sure to take responsibility for your body and listen when it asks you to take a break or stop.

Are there contraindications while menstruating?

It depends! Many yogis recommend that bodies that menstruate refrain from inversions during the first three days of their menstrual cycle to avoid countering this natural downward flow of energy. These include headstands, shoulder stands, and handstands. Our teachers often offer an alternative pose for those who aren’t doing inversions, but we leave this decision up to each person’s personal discretion. Others recommend practicing only restorative or gentle yoga during your cycle to help build back the energy that goes into the process of menstruation. Listen to your body!

I’m pregnant. Should I stop my yoga practice?

No, but you’ll want to adapt it. 8 Limbs’ Prenatal Yoga, and Partner Prenatal Yoga offer safe and beneficial practices for this important time. If you are pregnant and plan to take “regular” classes, please notify your teacher and listen to your body. Avoid poses on your belly and flat on your back. Modify twists to be open, not closed. Backbends should be gentle, not deep. Relaxation pose should be modified to avoid lying fully supine (both hips and shoulders on the floor) for an extended period of time.

Do I have to know a lot about eastern spirituality in order to enjoy 8 Limbs?

No. 8 Limbs is dedicated to creating a friendly and welcoming space for the practice of yoga. Our teachers are knowledgeable about the origins and philosophy of yoga, as well as meditation and other aspects, but you do not have to be interested in these aspects of yoga to benefit from the practice. We respect that all students practice yoga for their own personal reasons. Should you be interested, we offer many ways to deepen your understanding, including class themes, workshops, intensives, and trainings.


8 Limbs Shared Learning Agreements

To create a learning environment in which all are honored, we ask that each of us make a commitment to uphold the following principles:

Uphold environmental responsibility. We ask students and teachers to join us in using
fragrance-free and biodegradable products for chemically-sensitive folks as well as for our planet. We also request your mindfulness around plastic waste and encourage you to use reusable to-go ware when possible.

Make space for all abilities. We request support in ensuring all entry and exit aisles are maintained for full accessibility. We may also ask folks to adjust their position in the room in order for us to accommodate differing needs and abilities, including physical proximity to presenters for visual or auditory enhancement and/or wall access.

Maintain body positivity. We work to actively normalize the presence of all body types both as students and leaders in the yoga room.

Minimize harm and foster healthy boundaries. The student/teacher relationship is a sacred contract. 8 Limbs asks that all of our teachers ask for consent when giving touch, time or attention. We ask that students respect the boundaries of teachers and other students as well.

Use appropriate pronouns. Please look at the nametags of your fellow students and greet them in the way they’ve indicated they would like to be addressed. If you are unclear, please ask.

Support gender-neutral restrooms and restroom preferences. We invite all students to use the restroom(s) they are most comfortable with.

Ensure a balance of voices. Our facilitators are committed to making space for all voices to contribute to the conversation. Please be aware of the amount of time and space you use to weigh in, and mindfully help us create space for other voices to be heard during Q & A times.

Be mindful of financial advantages. We are grateful for your presence at this event. We understand that for some of you this could be the only such offering you’ll participate in this year, while for others this is one portion of your annual continuing education. Again, we ask that everyone be mindful of how we mutually make space for all.

Honor the seriousness of harm. 8 Limbs takes all reports of incidents of harm seriously and recognizes that it takes courage to come forward. We will do this by centering the impact and focusing on the harm. Any reported incidents of discrimination or other harmful behavior will be taken seriously. Follow-up, including acknowledging, gathering additional information, and reestablishing space or boundary, is to be expected.

If you have questions about these agreements, please connect with our event staff or write to