8 Limbs Yoga Centers partners with community organizations, artists, musicians, and community members to provide special events throughout the year. These may include events such as outdoor yoga, benefit classes, teacher training informational sessions, and mission-based programs aimed at furthering the study of all aspects of yoga. Events vary from year to year and are intended to expand the mission of 8 Limbs Yoga Centers out in the community and beyond.

Yoga and Social Change

8 Limbs is committed to being a supportive and welcoming place to learn and grow through the mind-body practices of yoga. To be both supportive and welcoming, we will examine, and work to dismantle, the systems of oppression that shape our world.

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Love Your Brain

To 8 Limbs is excited to announce a formal partnership with LoveYourBrain to provide yoga to those who have experienced TBI and their caregivers!

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28 Day Commitment

Each February we invite the 8 Limbs community to make a deeper commitment to their practice through 28 days of committed practice.

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