A few days ago I received an email from Peggy Farah, a Therapist and founder of Deeper Cravings. She sent me a quote to post on Facebook for her upcoming workshop that brought back to me what Thanksgiving was like when I was in the grip of eating disorder. I spent most of it in a fog, or anxious, unable to enjoy the bounty of family and food.

From ages 13 through 24 I struggled with bulimia, overeating, and exercise compulsion. The former only lasted a few years, thanks to some great support, but the others were a challenge until I found yoga and settled into a more healthy relationship to my body, one that is still evolving at age 43.

When I received the email I was able to smile with immense gratitude that I my own deeper cravings are no longer for food. They are for writing, and singing, laughing, and playing, being fully alive and embodied. For years food possessed me but now life is a series of choices I make with mindfulness and clarity, because of yoga practice.

This time of year our cravings and desires can be amplified. The culture of December is shopping, and eating, and drinking. If we are unaware of what drives us, we can walk down a dark road of overdoing whatever it is that fills some unacknowledged void. All at the time of year that asks us to hibernate, like the plants and animals, and draw from the deep nourishment of quiet and stillness, so that we can come alive in the spring like the shoots and buds of new life.

What can you do this holiday season that will best serve you? What are good uses of your precious energy? Take some time today to pause and consider how you want to spend December. How can you be sure to take pause? How can you complete whatever gift buying or social commitments you have without getting off track from your practice and self-care?

I wish you all a wonderful, light and love-filled December. May you listen to the deeper cravings and experience peace and joy. Feel like letting the 8 Limbs Community learn more about what makes you tick? We want to continue our Student Profiles on this Blog and need one from YOU! Read about Nancy Wick in our first profile and send me YOUR answers to the questions, and an image to post with them to annephyfe@8limbsyoga.com.
Smile Often

Anne Phyfe Palmer, Owner and Education Director
8 Limbs Yoga Centers
P.S. Get your December off to a great start tonight with the next Many Paths Teacher Panel, 6:30pm at 8 Limbs Wedgwood.

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