Wazhma Samizay, thoughtful owner of Capitol Hill store Retail Therapy, lovingly compiled the following resources and gave us permission to share them with you all. 

If you have either seen your hours reduced or lost your job and worried about health insurance please know that king county has some amazing resources set up for us as a community. You can get signed up for affordable health insurance in a lot of cases free health insurance.   Here is the link for that:


If you are struggling to pay rent United way has partnered with King County. Here is where you can apply if you qualify.  Please note that they are struggling to meet the demand but are working on securing additional funding. It is worth while to keep checking back for when the application process reopens.


Every day at 2pm the testing window opens. If you are concerned about exposure or wondering if you had Covid but were asymptomatic you can get tested here.  The test become available at 2 pm until they run out each day.  You can take it at home and it is super convenient.


If you work in the service or restaurant industry and your hours were impacted the Plate fund may be able to help you.  Here is a link to them


If you are a gig worker here is a list of resources for you:

If you are an artist:
For creatives docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Up7i1wpYSlmu9pfCyFb2o0O4vaJwNjihUCZ7aBAinV8/htmlview#gid=0
New details on unemployment esd.wa.gov/newsroom/covid-19

If you’re looking for more ways to protect yourself and your loved ones, check out the CDC website.

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