Last week I spent a day with the poet David Whyte on Whidbey Island to learn about “Conversational Leadership” and see what that meant for me and for 8 Limbs. It was inspiring and affirming to spend time with leaders from all around the world talking about having the courageous conversations that can enliven and expand us as human beings in the workplace.

I encountered David through his poetry and prose over the past few years, but his Insights at the Edge podcast with Sounds True founder Tami Simon was what drew me in. I recommend it to everyone interested in being “At the Frontier of Your Identity”, the podcast title. Really all of the Insight at the Edge podcasts I have listened to have been amazing.
On the drive up, Ashley (8 Limbs Managing Director) and I listened to Whole Foods founder John Mackay talk about Conscious Capitalism on his Sounds True recording of the same name. I know that he has been controversial to some, but his focus on business as a vehicle for change and deeper purpose resonates with me and dovetailed well with David Whyte’s support of the workplace as an extension of our core beliefs as human beings.

Why I mention all of this is because I think that it is important that you know what is behind the scenes at 8 Limbs. We have always been a Business about Consciousness, but we also continue to evolve as a Conscious Business. Our newly realized deeper purpose is to “create sustainable lifestyle in community through yoga and conscious business practices.” This means we want everyone involved with 8 Limbs – staff, teachers, vendors, owner, landlords, and of course customers, to live sustainable lives. We want your health to thrive, your families to thrive, your businesses to thrive, your communities to thrive, and the planet to thrive. And we believe that this is possible.

One of the longstanding business practices that 8 Limbs holds dear is that of the Thanksgiving Benefit class. For over 10 years our Thanksgiving Day practices support non-profits chosen by the volunteer teachers. This year we are working with four local non-profits at our four locations. Look below for the schedule of Benefit Class. Help us support communities in need while connecting to your practice and your 8 Limbs community. This year our aim is to raise $2,500. You can help us to reach that goal!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Director

Join us on Thanksgiving Morning at one of our neighborhood studios:
Capitol Hill: 10:00 – 11:30am with Jenny Hayo for Yoga Behind Bars
Phinney Ridge: 9:00 – 10:30am with Leisha Davis for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Wedgwood: 9:30 – 11:00am with Dawn Jansen for Passages Northwest
West Seattle: 9:30 – 11:00am with Jen Yaros for The Hutch School (part of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
Payment by cash or check to the non-profit of your choice. No credit cards. Sliding scale, suggested minimum donation $16.

Neighborhood Studios