Where do you teach:
8 Limbs West Seattle and Capitol Hill, The Gates Foundation

Hobbies/interests: Building and sustaining community and finding ways to give energy to make this world one where love and compassion rule. Being with my sons and an amazing inspiring group of friends. I love a good dance party too.

One secret that helps you to stay healthy is: Letting go of resentments and the idea of perfection. Meditation. Yoga. Music. Walking in nature. I guess that’s more than one.

Currently inspired by: I am so inspired by the current yoga culture working to create positive change in the world. MC Yogi is a great inspiration of mine; not only is he a talented, fun lyricist and musician but he’s also an amazing yoga teacher. I first took a workshop with he and his wife, Amanda, in San Francisco at the Yoga Journal Conference in January 2011. I loved how real and humble he was. First thing he did was take the time in a room full of 100 or so peeps to meet everyone’s eyes and offer Namaste. Then he began storytelling and rapping the myth of Ganesha and he lit up the room and then, as we went through our fun flowing asana practice, it seemed easy and natural to allow that energy of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, to free us up: to get out of our own way and just be right there in the fullness of our hearts. I left that workshop light and inspired. The next day I took a workshop with Sianna Sherman and MC Yogi as DJ all about the fearless opening of our heart chakra. She was incredible, I loved her teaching, and I got to partner with HawaH, a peace activist, poet, writer, artist, yoga teacher and leader in the community who founded One Common Unity promoting non violence to youths through yoga, writing, and spoken word. He invited me to be involved with the poetry of yoga: an anthology of modern day yogis and poets from around the world. I will have work published in Volume 2 coming out this winter 12/12/12 Wow! What a weekend! I found my tribe and they are all over the world.

Since then, my classes have been rooted in building a supportive non-competitive yoga community and it’s just expanded and blossomed. I am so grateful! As MC Yogi put it best: “love is a remedy, love is a cure, love’s the only thing that will stop the war, it’s what the whole world is looking for, so what in the world are you waiting for? Give Love.”

Website: www.terilynwyre.com

Posted by: Terilyn Wyre
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