It’s easy to get sloppy. I do it all the time. I mean to stay off my phone at night, or in the morning, but then I pick it up, and in a snap I’ve fallen into a time machine.  So from time to time I clean up ­­- I get firm with my boundaries, leave the phone in the kitchen when I go to bed, and leave it there til after I’ve practiced yoga and eaten. Those days start with more spirit, and more space.

After moving through the Yamas from September through January (click here for our monthly blog posts), and a month of Self-Compassion (see our Instagram and Facebook feed February 1-29), it’s time for the second limb of yoga, Niyama (observances).

Saucha is the first Niyama and refers to clarity, cleanliness, clearness. Saucha(pronounced shaucha) reminds us to live and practice in an environment that is clean, clear, and non-distracting.

We’ve started to notice that it’s time for a little clean-up in our studio etiquette. You may have seen our new signs asking for your cooperation:
All students must wear a shirt/top to class.
Turn off/silence all cell phones and Smart watches and refrain from cell phone and Smart watch use in yoga studios.
Refrain from perfumes and oils as many people are allergic.


More details on our FAQ and Etiquette page.


8 Limbs also has Shared Learning Agreements to support our ability to hold space according to the first Yama, ahimsa.
Is there anything in your life you’d like to clean up to help you be more present?

Also, as flu season continues, and concerns around the spread of Covid-19 increase, 8 Limbs is taking several precautions, and ask that students join us in our

practice Saucha in our studios:
  1. Wash hands thoroughly before and after practice.
  2. Limit touching your face (yes, we know it’s hard!)
  3. BYOP! If possible bring/use your own mat and consider bringing your own props and/or towels or pillow cases to cover our props. To make this easier on the wallet we are offering a 20% discount on all full-priced mats, straps, bolsters, blocks, & towels.
  4. Please sneeze into a tissue and throw it in the garbage.
  5. If you are sick please stay home!
  6. Please follow the CDC travel suggestions.
  7. Do not show prejudice to people of Asian descent because of fear of this new virus.
Click here for more info and any updates we make to our policies or actions.

Any questions? Anything to say? Send me an email: annephyfe@8limbsyoga.com.

Happy March!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Founder and Director of Education

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