One of my main jobs as Education Director at 8 Limbs is the creation/management of the class schedules at each of our four neighborhood yoga studios. Three times a year, in January, June, and September, we print new schedules. I spend about a month taking in change requests and talking with teachers and managers to fill open slots and come up with new classes or a class focus. I am currently in the midst of this process. It’s quite a jumble at first, but I’ve found that if I have plenty of meditation time, and get to a few yoga classes a week, the answers eventually come to me (with plenty of processing with other staff members!).

One of the core concepts that directs me in this endeavor is our name. 8 Limbs was chosen to honor the full range of yoga practice, or sadhana, available to the seeker, the sadhaka. There are eight aspects, or limbs, only one of which is the almighty asana. Ideally, our teachings at 8 Limbs combine several if not all of these limbs of yoga: ethical principles and ways to be in the world (yamas and niyamas), yoga postures (asanas), the freeing of the breath (pranayama), restraint of the senses (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana), and absorption (samadhi). Learn more about the 8 Limbs in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which you’ll find shared in Jen Yaros’ classes and when it strikes the fancy of our other teachers.

The other main principle I aspire to is variety, both of types of classes and of teaching styles. What guided me in founding 8 Limbs was the awareness that there are many ways to practice yoga, just as there are many types of people. While one could say there is a unifying “feeling” at 8 Limbs,” we like to offer options that allow you, the practitioners at 8 Limbs, to address your phase in life and changing energy levels each day, and to follow where your interests in yoga are taking you. We offer a core schedule of “flow” classes for the movers and dancers. We have many Hatha classes that allow for more stillness in postures. We’ve added Yoga Nidra, Gentle, and Restorative options to support you in managing the stress load of urban life. Our teachers share their extensive knowledge in philosophy and the non-physical aspects of practice in their drop-in classes and in workshops.

We know that in Seattle you have numerous options for your yoga practice. Yoga can be found almost every street corner, in most fitness centers/gyms, and in many workplaces. We want to be your home for yoga, the place you are able to meet yoga in new and exciting way, the place you surround yourself with a sangha, a community of others interested in this ancient practice.

Let us know how we are doing. Write a Recommendation on Facebook. Post a class or teacher request or review on our Facebook Wall. Or send me an email at annephyfe@8limbsyoga.com. As always, the full range of feedback is encouraged and welcome. This month you can win a free five class pass: on April 15th we’ll pull a name out of a hat (or bowl from all who post one of the above from April 2-15.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Owner & Education Director

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