1503_Chitta_Nadi_MishaAs spring approaches we are offered a really sweet place to hone into ourselves within this 8 Limbs sweet community. Many of us have just completed the 28 Day Commitment and have a renewed connection to ourselves. It has been so beautiful to see so many humble, dedicated and courageous beings come together to create such a strong practice space. This past month has really been such a salient reminder to me of how willing everyone is to meet the moment without the blur of expectation or demand of perfection; the mood has felt so open and I feel this on a deep level as both a teacher and student.

This makes for a perfect opening into clarification of and intelligent connection to Chitta nadi; the heart-mind based consciousness we have all been sharing when we place our mats near each other and listen towards the interior. It is a rich and fertile time to become more attuned to this inner channel or pathway of un-bound consciousness. This March, I would love to share in this explore of listening from with in.

Whether you practice everyday or just once a week there is so much potency created. This extended practice is an opportunity to form direct connection to that which is already alive within! This practice will help guide you towards more subtle body awareness so thoughts and actions, our patterns of moving though mind and body, can all be infused from this place of inner clarity and authenticity. Our time together will include breathing and sitting practices, movement sequences to compliment the practice you already have in place and some writing to notice things from a different perspective.  Just like spring invites the budding of new beauty, the free flow of Chitta nadi creates this blossoming from within. I look forward to seeing you at this sweet and refreshing gathering on March 14th!

Posted by: Misha Kellner-Rogers

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