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Megan and Abby, our designer and boutique buyer, have co-created the new 8 Limbs t-shirts. With images that correspond to some of our favorite poses (crow, tree and frog), these Alternative Apparel t’s are soft, comfortable, and organic! Men and women styles available at all three studios. Posted by: 8 Limbs

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I just returned from a trip to my hometown of New Orleans to teach a workshop, see family, and celebrate my first Mardi Gras there since 1988. The workshop was about the koshas, the dimensions or layers of bring that cover our soul, and the participants were in “Soul School”, the Teacher Training at Sean Johnson’s Wild Lotus Yoga (Sean’s kirtan band will be here in May, stay tuned!). It was lovely to share these ancient concepts with a group so committed to yoga as a journey to the soul. The last few years have been soul-searching for New Orleans…

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Starting something new can be the HARDEST THING. Your first yoga class, a blind date, a home practice, you fill in the blank! It took me at least five years of taking yoga classes to finally commit to the elusive home practice. The key, for me, was to do it first thing in the morning. Make a cup of tea, light a candle, and get on the mat. I started with asana, then a dare got me to add pranayama, then a few years ago, my teacher Rod Stryker got me hooked on meditation. Now it’s as essential as brushing…

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