Some of you may think of 8 Limbs as a place to tend to your body and mind, a replacement for a gym or a workout, but you hopefully also know that we are a school, a place to study yoga, and yourself. Our name 8 Limbs Yoga Centers refers to the eight limbs of yoga, only one of which is the postures, the third limbs of yoga, asana. Since we opened twenty four years ago, our commitment has been to practice and teach all of the eight limbs.

Every September it feels like it’s time for school. Time to learn something new – to join a cohort of fellow students, like you do every time you take a yoga class!

Fall and winter are when we offer our juciest classes for you to dive into as the days shorten and the weather gets cool. Series, workshops, and trainings give you a chance to slow down and get to know a few people, and your teacher, while you study the eight limbs of yoga. Read on to learn more!

This past year we’ve explored the five yamas and five niyamas in these monthly emails and blogs (see below for links). We will now move into the other six limbs to continue to unpack and investigate the many paths of yoga.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Founder & Director of Education & Programming

The Yamas
Ahimsa: https://8limbsyoga.com/ouch-that-hurts/
Satya: https://8limbsyoga.com/have-i-got-a-story-for-you/
Asteya: https://8limbsyoga.com/stop-thief/
Brahmacharya: https://8limbsyoga.com/wishing-you-the-joy-of-missing-out/
Aparigraha: https://8limbsyoga.com/what-is-enough/

The Niyamas
Saucha: https://8limbsyoga.com/clean-up-time/
Santosha: https://8limbsyoga.com/practicing-contentement/
Tapas: https://8limbsyoga.com/turning-up-the-heat/
Svadhyaya: https://8limbsyoga.com/looking-within-to-see-beyond/
Isvara pranidhana: https://8limbsyoga.com/to-see-who-we-truly-are/

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