As Labor Day nears we are in the annual “Back to School” season. It’s time for many kids (and adults, really!) to head back to the classroom.

For many of us, the practice of yoga starts in a classroom, with a teacher. We show up, they teach us, we learn, we practice, we progress. The word Educate comes from the Latin word “educare.” I am told it is a midwifery term that means “to be present at the birth of” or “to bring up.” This points to the idea that an education is an unfolding, a shaping. All of us, not just “teachers,” have opportunities every day to midwife/husband others through life’s ups and downs, its opportunities and challenges. We are all students and we are all teachers. There is no one teacher, there is no one way.

In the last few months I have transitioned from Studio Director to a more focused role as the 8 Limbs Education Director. As the founder and owner of 8 Limbs for the last 15 years (stay tuned for our “15 Days of 8 Limbs” Celebration in October) it was time to shed some of my roles and habits in the organization. I also wanted to focus more on teaching, both my own and the amazing staff of teachers here at 8 Limbs who deserve more focused support. As Education Director I am primarily in charge of studio schedules, teacher hiring and support, and event programming.

Ashley Dahl, who has over the last 5+ years created a progressive learning culture within the staff at 8 Limbs, has moved from Managing Director to Executive Director to take on some of these roles and help keep an eye on the vision and big picture of 8 Limbs. Ashley has been invaluable in our evolution and now has more space and time to keep us strong and flexible in today’s quickly changing world (sounds like yoga, doesn’t it?).

We head “back to school” this fall with a diverse line-up of teachers and subjects, including our 200 and 500-hour Teacher Training Programs. We embrace learning and growth on all levels and are excited to pass on more of the business end of this to all of you through a Conscious Business Management Workshop that Ashley and I will host with Socially Responsible Organization (SRO) Consultant Flip Brown on September 30. This workshop is aimed at small business owners and managers of companies and non-profits interested in bringing Socially Responsible Business Practices and EASE (Effective, Aspirational, Sustinable and Enjoyable) into their workplace. Visit our blog for more on this next week.

Amy Weintraub joins us to share her practices and knowledge around preventative practices for depression and anxiety (remember we are heading back into the darker season…) with her LifeForce Yoga® Weekend September 9-11. Dawn Jansen will share her 20+ years of experience in yoga with a limited group in her Individually Tailored Asana Workshop on September 23.

One last mention for now (see below or visit our website for more upcoming events) is my own yoga teacher Rod Stryker who visits 8 Limbs October 7-9 for a weekend of Parayoga®. Don’t miss this master yoga and meditation teacher whose book The Four Desires was released in July.

Hope to see you this fall in the classrooms of 8 Limbs (including the newly remodeled Capitol Hill studio!) and the enormous classroom of life.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Owner & Education Director

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