Ayurveda, the sister health science to Hatha Yoga, suggests numerous ways to regulate your body and mind during a typical hot summer day in the Pitta season (June-August). One of the classic Ayurvedic sutras indicates, “like increases like and opposites balance.” This ancient wisdom can be extremely helpful when creating your daily rituals around the seasons.

During hot Summer days, for example, try to avoid adding more heat to your body and mind (like increases like) and skip the arm balances, fast vigorous sun salutations, or other challenging poses that raise your core temperature and potentially create frustration or anger. Instead, explore seated postures, use the wall for support, visualize cool cucumber water being poured over your head or into your body as you practice, and embrace Shitali or left-nostril breathing before meditation.

Other ways to maintain balance and prevent over heating are to eat frequent meals (avoid low blood sugar moments), drink plenty of cucumber water (thin slices of cucumber soaked in water for a few hours), fresh coconut milk and mint tea.

Give yourself a full body massage before showering. Coconut oil is best to use during the summer.

Last but not least, spend time in Nature, swim, and enjoy the moonlight!

Posted by: Melina Meza

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