I call Astrud Castillo my Guru. In this modern age I’m sure that word scares and confuses a lot of people.

Astrud has been my mentor for many years, guiding me through life. She has made herself available to all my questions on Yoga, relationships, and yes God.

My first time seeing her had such a strong impact on me and that feeling has never faded. She has continued to be kind, graceful and truthful at all times. I know this statement is far out, but that is exactly why she is my Guru.  In my opinion it is the student that picks out the Guru, what you can see in another that is the highest representation of Self.

Astrud adheres to the ancient practices of Yoga and embodies them through her daily life.  She has studied with the pioneers of Yoga, people like Mark Whitwell and Sri Desikachar, she has over hundreds of hours of yoga teacher training, pilgrimaged to all of the holy sites and shrines in India and has played Kirtan’s all over the world.  But what I love most about her is that she is relatable to everyone.

I hope you have a chance to meet her and experience her teachings yourself.

Hari Om, Nancy

Posted by: Nancy Hwang Nomellini

Meet Nancy’s teacher Astrud Castillo at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill the weekend of June 14-16. Astrud will offer kirtan – devotional singing – as well as three individual all levels classes that will combine asana, chanting, and conversation. Early bird discount rate extended to June 10! Learn more


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