8 Limbs is partnering with City Arts magazine for the next year to profile local artists who practice yoga at 8 Limbs. For the April issue we highlight Composer and Guitarist Andrew Boscardin, who has been performing and writing music for over 20 years. A 2009 CityArts award from the City of Seattle funded the composition and presentation of new music for his 12- piece ensemble, Zubatto Syndicate. In addition to his work as a bandleader, Boscardin has contributed music for dance, stage, and film, both as a composer and performer. Read more about Andrew on his website www.boscology.com.

What brought you to yoga?
I came to yoga through a guitar teacher I was working with some years ago. He was helping me with some issues of technique with my hands and said something to the effect of “…and the rest is just yoga.” I immediately agreed enthusiastically and knowingly, while thinking to myself “I have no idea what that means.” So I figured I should find out! I did some research and found a studio near my home and signed up for a class that week.
I think I finally know what he meant now.

How long have you practiced yoga?
I believe it is getting close to 10 years now.

How does yoga support your art?
No matter what your instrument is, ultimately your true instrument is your own body. You might strap a guitar on it, or pull it up to a piano, or sing, or sit at a desk with a pencil doing arrangements, but your body is the foundation that stores all of that information in muscle memory, gets called upon to react and perform, and caring for it is essential. Yoga is a perfect compliment for my goal of bringing physical ease and comfort to my playing and to be alive and aware in the moment while performing and practicing. Sitting down with the guitar to practice is pretty much the same thing as getting on the mat, in so many ways.

Why practice at 8 Limbs?
Originally, it was convenience to my home. I tried a number of studios on Capitol Hill, and 8 Limbs had the best offerings for my schedule. It quickly became apparent to me that the studio was a cut above any others that I have attended. The quality of the teachers is both the highest and most consistent that I have found, and the space itself is inviting and peaceful. It’s not difficult to get myself to class every day at 8 Limbs, it’s a pleasure. It’s become my “home away from home.”

Favorite yoga teaching?
For the first few years that I was coming to 8 Limbs, I was fortunate enough to take classes regularly with Melina Meza. I learned so much from her in terms of modifying and adopting my practice according to the way I am feeling every day, to the Seasons, and to get away from that rigid sense of sequencing that you find at many studios. For me, that sense of not knowing what is going to happen can be an uncomfortable place, and Melina’s classes helped me open to that. That’s been important to me in my work as a performer, especially in improvisation.

Classes with Douglas Ridings and Andreas Fetz have also become staples for me. Both bring a sense of strength cultivation and opening to their classes which are both very different from each other and incredibly complimentary.

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