Pausing now and again, although simple, can be a profound act of kindness. Making space to generously listen to our bodies supports us to graciously tend to our ourselves and practices. Whether you’re entering into the second half of your 28 Day Commitment, or are practicing in your own way, here is a simple meditation for doing just that. The recorded meditation is about 10 minutes in length. You can also do on your own with the guidelines further below.


Allowing for Insight

{You may want to have a writing implement and paper handy.}

  • Find a posture where you can feel both wakeful and comfortable for a few minutes or longer. Soften your gaze or close your eyes all together.
  • Spend the next several moments tuning into ambient sounds. Rather than seeking sounds out, allow sounds to reach you. Notice too how sounds naturally dissipate. You might also sense into spaces between sounds.
  • Then turn attention towards your breath, abiding with the physical experience of inhaling and exhaling. Perhaps focus attention where you feel breath most readily. Bring awareness to the way breath also naturally comes and goes, allowing yourself to be with this effortlessness for several breath cycles or more.
  • Begin to explore the possibility of allowing a softening through breath. Rest attention with sensations of relaxation and ease in body as breath continues to breathe itself.
  • If at any point mind wanders, know this is normal. It is also an opportunity for compassion – simply gently return awareness to sensations of softening.
  • After several minutes or more, widen your awareness to feel all sensations in body. This isn’t about judging or changing experience, but getting curious about physical sensations revealing themselves in body.
  • While attuning to full body as a field of sensation, gently inquire how you may kindly and wisely tend to yourself and practice. As with sounds and breath, rather than seeking an answer, might you allow insight to naturally emerge, taking your time? (Might it also be okay if nothing arises, understanding wisdom may make itself known later?)
  • If something does arise, hold it lightly in awareness. Notice any corresponding physical sensations in body.
  • When you feel ready, deepen your breath for a few breath cycles and then gently open your eyes.
  • If you’d like, journal about what you noticed and physically experienced. You might also reflect on how to, accordingly, proceed with your practice (today, this month, or even this year).

Posted by: Ashley Dahl, Leadership Coach


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