1410_City_ArtsAt 8 Limbs we love putting things together. We enjoy the alchemy that occurs when, for instance, students are joined with teachers, movement befriends stillness, action partners with reflection.

Join us for the 3rd season of our Many Paths Series. This monthly Panel Series, which puts 8 Limbs yoga teachers in a discussion circle with yoga practitioners, came from our desire to create more opportunities for dialogue between our knowledgeable and experienced teachers and our passionate community of staff and students. Throughout this series we’ll delve into yogic philosophy and concepts from a variety of perspectives, exploring the many paths available for taking our yoga practice off the mat.

This year we’re exploringYoga Math – The Alchemy of Yogic Philosophy. We’re excited to combine different elements of yogic philosophy and use these “equations” as inspirations for teachings and conversation. See specific dates, topics and locations below.
10/12  Ease+Stability=Asana (Phinney Ridge)
11/9  Breath+Awareness=Prana (West Seattle)
12/14  Presence=Wonder (Wedgwood)
1/11  Practice=Perfect (Capitol Hill)
2/8  Love+Devotion=Bhakti (Phinney Ridge)
3/8  Mind-Vriti=Peace (West Seattle) with
4/12  Surrender+Action=Creativity (Wedgwood)
5/3*  Discipline+Non-attachment=Yoga (Capitol Hill)

* Our May session will be held on the 1st Sunday of the month.
To view each event with the panel of teachers visit our website.

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