The words Sabbath and sabbatical come from the Hebrew word šāḇaṯ, to rest. Codified in many religions and in university settings, taking a rest, or a pause, from the ordinary and obligatory, is something we all need, but not something we all take! I’m not talking about sleep here, I’m talking about an intentional slowing down and letting go while still awake and present.

I’ll be honest, rest has been a tough one for me. I am a do-er, and it’s not easy for me to slow down on my own, unless I am crashing from exhaustion. Fortunately, there are teachings in yoga that have helped me to practice rest. My first savasana was mindblowing, and more recently Yoga Nidra has been a life-saver for this busy bee – having a yoga teacher guide me into wakeful rest has probably added a few years to my life!

Part of my busy-ness has been has been tending to this beloved business, 8 Limbs. And now, after almost twenty-five of the most rewarding years of my life, I am taking an extended rest, a year-long sabbatical. In August my family will head south on a sailboat named Sweet Adeline (named after an Elliott Smith song!). 8 Limbs will be in the very capable hands of owner Amaan and our amazing Leadership Team and teachers who have worked so hard this past year to keep 8 Limbs going.

I learned long ago that this family of yoga studios is way more than a business, it is a widespread community, a web of relationships, an entity held together by the glue of yoga and a whole lot of love. 8 Limbs has a heartbeat, and each of you hold that in your own way. Many of you kept it beating during Covid by showing up in our Livestream classes and staying connected to your teachers and fellow students. Some of you slowed your heartbeats and rested together in savasana, and Yoga Nidra, and Restorative yoga during a pretty tough year. Others needed to take another kind of pause and are returning to In-Studio classes. However you keep the heart of 8 Limbs beating, thank you. This studio is only here because you show up.

We are not out of the woods, yet, and your membership, attendance at In-Studio and Outdoor classes and in series, workshop and trainings are what will bring us all the way through!

To welcome you back into the studios, the number of classes we will offer In-Studio will increase on July 4 when we begin to offer Hybrid (link to blog) classes. We will continue to add classes as they fill, with plans to have more full schedules in the fall. We welcome your suggestions on classes and teachers at education@8limbsyoga.com.

This month we are offering some stellar offerings to help you access rest, radiance, and self-compassion, including a new class called Befriending Our Bodies, a course in Mindful Self-Compassion, and two Yoga Nidra offerings. You owe it to yourself to lap some of it up, and balance this sunshine time of year with some constructive rest.

Hope to see you on July 14 for a Summer/Farewell Party out at Shilshole, where our boat lives. RSVP here, and come keep that 8 Limbs heart beating!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Founder and Director of Education & Programming

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