8 Limbs community, the following is a letter from Jamie Hall, teacher of the Sunday 10:30am Devotional Flow class at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill for the last 6 years. We at 8 Limbs are so sad to see her go but wish Jamie, her husband Zachary, and their twin boys the most amazing journey and are so glad that she will come back to visit!

Dear Bhakti Beloveds,

Almost exactly 6 years ago I walked into the 8 Limbs yoga studio on Capitol Hill to teach my first Bhakti class. I was fresh out of grad school and yoga teacher training, single and homefree (without a permanent living situation). Today, I sit in front of the fireplace in my own home, next to my husband with my newborn twin boys in my lap. Three weeks ago we were totally settled. After a long summer of nesting, our twins were born and we finally exhaled, relaxing into the cadence of our lives. Then, all of a sudden life changed, as it does, and we find ourselves moving to Bellingham this Saturday! Zachary, my husband, got a full time acupuncture job that was too good to pass up. We’ve been dreaming of moving to Bellingham for years now but never knew how to make the leap. So here it is. The open door. The invitation. The leap!

Over the last six years I have passed through many chapters but there was one thread that stayed constant; teaching Bhakti Class. It’s now with a heavy heart that I must announce, Sunday November 6 will be my last official Bhakti, Devotional Flow, Class.

Bhakti class has been a sanctuary for all to come as you are, to be met, seen and loved. It’s a place to express, transform, transmute and emote through movement, breath and sound. I, not only have been blessed to witness this in others but I have been a direct recipient. The spirit of this class has held me in the darkest of times as well as the source of some of my most cherished memories and heartfelt experiences. It’s also been one of my biggest teachers. Allowing me to step into my power, find my voice and has challenged me to explore and ultimately live the yogic principles that help us all try to make sense out of this experience of being human, spirit embodied.

I want to thank, honor and hug every single one of you who have contributed to this class. You all have been so generous while I’ve on maternity leave, supporting me emotionally and physically. I especially want to thank Steve Grant for his unfailing devotion to not only play music every Sunday but for sharing his own Bhakti practice by creating the waves of sound for which we can all join our voices and hearts together as one. A true weaving and experience of union; Yoga.

I look forward to seeing those who can come on Sunday November 6th but for those who cannot come I hope you will stay in touch through Facebook at the very least. I will be returning from time to time to sub the class and my heart is reassured that the spirit will live on in the next iteration of Bhakti class. Steve is committed to staying on and Ferdie and Amelia have done an amazing job with the class while I’ve been on maternity leave.

Till we meet again, I’d like to offer a quote that I’ve been working with in this transition as I know we’re all in this together.

“When you fall in love with the unknown. You’re free.” Byron Katie

With love and devotion,

Neighborhood Studios