Almost a year ago we held one of our 8 Limbs Teacher Meetings. I asked our teachers “what makes 8 Limbs special? Why do people choose 8 Limbs?” In a city FULL of terrific yoga, it’s important for us to know what makes 8 Limbs stand out, what makes us worth the walk/drive/bike/bus, and why people would choose to practice with us.

There were as many reasons as there were people. And that’s the foundation of our mission:

“We recognize that each individual is unique and has a different approach to life. Thankfully there are many ways to practice yoga. At 8 Limbs we embrace diversity over dogma.”

The power of that meeting lingered. This fall we decided this fall to take all of the teacher’s comments and choose 8 (for obvious reasons) to shout out to the world. We have a great thing going on in our neighborhood studios, and we want to make sure everyone knows it!

Every month I’ll blog about one of the 8 Reasons, to tell you more about why we chose it and the story behind the reason. Read about Reason 1.

Reason 2: 300+ Collective Experience of Instructor Experience

Well, that’s a pretty bold claim, but we did the math, and amongst our 40+ teachers, there are 300+ collective years of yoga study. Most of our teachers have been practicing and studying for at least five, but some come to the classroom with more than twenty years under their stretchy yoga belts.

What does that mean to you? It means that this incredibly diverse and deep practice has been steeped until it is real, until it has woven strong threads of understanding, until it is like a fabric of life, of lifestyle, of action. That doesn’t mean any of us are perfect, or better, but we’ve got lots of experience.

Out of that you get teachers who are safe, able to give modifications for multiple levels, flexible in their class plans to meet the students who show up to class, able to speak to yoga philosophy from a wide base of understanding, and just plain knowledgeable. Teachers with lots of experience know how to meet both beginners and advanced practitioners with the amazing practice of yoga.

One of the reasons we have so many senior teachers is because we value experience. We do our best to keep them at 8 Limbs by providing an enriching and supportive work/life environment. Thanks for being a part of 8 Limbs. By coming to our classrooms you support this deepening.

 8 Limbs 8 Reasons

  1. 4 convenient Seattle Locations
  2. 300+ collective years of instructor experience
  3. 135+ classes per week
  4. Locally owned since 1996
  5. Welcoming and non-conformist culture
  6. Instruction that meets you at your level
  7. Inspiring community of practitioners
  8. More than just a workout

Next month I’ll write about #3!

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer, 8 Limbs Owner & Education Director


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