This past Saturday at 8:30am I had the privilege of teaching yoga at Seattle Asian Art Museum surrounded by Buddhist, Jainist, and Hindu sculptures that echoed the postures we breathed into. As part of the Gardner Center Saturday Lecture Series “World Little Known: Central Asia, Its Histories and Place in Today‚Äôs World” 8 Limbs teachers lead an All Levels by donation yoga class from 8:30-9:10am Saturdays through April 16.

There were plenty of regulars who attend the weekly lecture series, and I spoke with a few who enjoy moving their bodies before feeding their brains with new information. Two new participants made the experience three generational (and quite fun) for me: my daughter Lily and father Tom.

We dedicated our practice to the people of Japan, to support them with our efforts and our hearts. The $75 in class donations will go to disaster relief.

Mark your calendars if a nice short yoga practice is how you’d like to start your day in Volunteer Park this spring. Make sure to sign up for the lectures early as they often fill, but yoga class is drop-in, just bring your own mat and any cash donation you would to make to the teacher.

Posted by: Anne Phyfe Palmer

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