We’ve been sleeping at the blog wheel for a few weeks while driving another car steadily towards the finish line. 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge is ALMOST complete, and will now open on Thanksgiving Day with a Benefit Class for Solid Ground with Chiara Guerrieri. For info on our Benefit Classes at all four 8 Limbs, click here. They are an 8 Limbs tradition all over Seattle and we are excited to open with this offering to the community. Bring a friend or your whole family!
Our Grand Opening is Friday, December 4th. Doors open at 4:00pm, we’ll play in a Parent/Child Yoga Class at 4:30pm, bless the space with the musical assistance of Gina Salá, and close with an All Levels Yoga class at 7:00pm. Bring the whole family! More info at the Phinney Ridge webpage.
We’ll bring the blog back to life very soon. See you soon!

Neighborhood Studios